Adventures Part 9: Thirty is the Magic Number

March 20, 2010 at 1:52 pm (Dilators, health, relationships, resolutions, sexual dysfunction, Things to do before you're 30, Vaginismus) (, , , , , , )

I’ve decided to change the words of the famous song to “30 is the magic number!” I’ve officially moved onto dilator number 2! I decided to change the way I was doing it. Using the dilators everyday was essential at the start because I wasn’t used to anything going near me. I had to get used to it and that had to happen gradually. So, I used do 5 minutes a day between getting home from work and having dinner.

This was fine until it started getting easy. Then I started skipping days here and there. My excuses were that I needed to go somewhere, I was tired, I was home late from work, I was too hungry to wait for dinner, it was cold upstairs…….!!!! I’m good at making excuses! I decided that it would be more beneficial to use them less often but for longer. So now I use them for about 30 minutes and it’s working out. I’m getting closer to ticking vag off my list and it’s looking as if 30 will be a fun year 😉


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Part 8: The List!

March 2, 2010 at 7:34 pm (Changing jobs, cholesterol, diets, Dilators, EFL, health, Humor, Making the most of your time, relationships, resolutions, Teaching, TEFL, Things to do before you're 30, Travel, Vaginismus) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , )

It has been pointed out to me that almost 6 months into my year I haven’t actually given you a full list of my resolutions. So, here they are and a few comments on how they’re going!

1: Save some money.

I did put some money in the bank and changed my account so I’m getting a better return. I still need to save more, but for now I can tick that one off the list!

 2: See new places

I can tick that one off too! We’ve been to Barcelona, we’re going to Morocco at the end of the month and I’m sure we’ll plan something for later in the year.

 3: Find a new job

This one isn’t even near to being ticked off. For now I have to be happy that I have a job and one that I like (even if I don’t like the place). There is absolutely nothing else out there at the moment for a person who doesn’t really know what she wants to do!

 4: Get fit and healthy

This one is a work in progress. I’ve started keeping my food diary, started cutting out junk food and I’ve stepped up my exercise programme. I should see an improvement soon, right?!?!?!? However, boxes of chocolates and cold weather make it hard! 🙂

 5: Have sex!

Again, this is another work in progress!!!! I’m doing my dilators regularly and I know there’s a little progress, but I want more! I’m still using the first one, but itching to get onto the second one. I try it every now and then. I tried it today and I got it further in than before, but it hurts…….a lot.

I’m the kind of person who needs to see changes quickly or else I give up! Right now between a health kick, job search and dilators, I’m not seeing enough changes and the idea of giving up is right there. So, this needs a lot more work.

 6: Go back to Italy

This one isn’t a major one and could be done next year too! This is a country that I used to fly backwards and forwards to, where I used to live and work, but I haven’t been there for nearly 7 years. My friends there have all got married and most of them have kids now who I’ve never seen. I’d like to go and visit everyone.

 7: Make travel plans

We’ve discussed and thought about this a lot too. We think we might have a kinda plan, but we’re waiting for confirmation. So, this one is half ticked off!!!

 8: Get a tattoo

I’m waiting until the vaginismus is gone before I get this. I’ve wanted a snake tattoo on my foot since I was about 13. I’ve more-or-less settled on a design. Now all I need is the courage!

 9: Wear a designer dress on my birthday

This one speaks for itself and obviously won’t be ticked off for another 6 months!

 There are the resolutions. Don’t ask me why I stopped at 9 instead of 10 cos I’ve no idea. Looking at them now I can see I’m not doing too badly, but some of the big ones are hard.

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Part 7: A Month of Sundays – Make the Most of Them

March 1, 2010 at 8:55 pm (health, Making the most of your time, relationships, resolutions, Things to do before you're 30) (, , , , , )

“What do you want to do today?” This is usually how Sunday starts off. Then I think about it until after breakfast, and we do something around 3pm for a couple of hours. On Mondays I’m back at work, wishing I could have a day off. I’m not saying we waste every Sunday, but I reckon we waste about 35 of them a year! That’s more than a month of free time wasted. So, a couple of weeks ago we decided to start making plans for Sundays. Last week we went to the beach, had a long walk, watched the surfers and enjoyed the sunset. While having a coffee at a picnic table to heat up, Wonder Boy mentioned how he’d never been on a proper picnic (he’s not counting sandwiches eaten on the beach!)

Seeing as it was still February and cold, it probably wasn’t the best time for a picnic, but anyway….! We decided to go to a national park where we hadn’t been since we were kids and could hardly remember what was there. Off we set bright and early yesterday morning – yes, it was sunny! The picnic was made, the paper was on the back seat and we had great music playing! We arrived before lunch and picked a strenuous but short trek around a lake, through a bit of the forest and up to see a little waterfall. It was all done with only a tiny rain shower, which made a pretty rainbow over the lake. By the time we were finished we were starving a headed back for our picnic in the car! We spent the rest of the afternoon reading the paper looking out at the ocean and even had a little snooze in the sun – bliss! I was ready to go into work today.

I woke up early this morning (an advantage to exercise and a good night’s sleep!) The first thing I heard was the traffic news. There had been an accident on the road I need to take into work at 3am this morning and traffic was backed up. I was up early so I didn’t think it would be a problem, I’d plenty of time. It wasn’t until I was in the car on the way in that I heard that a 21 guy had died in the accident. I heard this about 30 seconds before I passed what was left of his car. Even if I hadn’t heard it, I would have known by looking at the remains that no-one had come out of that alive. I normally don’t look at accidents and especially not bad ones, but the Police had half the road closed off and I had to wait until it was my turn to go. This afternoon, on the way back, I had to slow down at this point again. Not because the Police were there, but this time because the amount of flowers that had been placed there were coming out onto the road.

From now on I’m making the most of my free days, half days and evenings.

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