Adventures Part 16: And Action

June 15, 2010 at 8:50 pm (Dilators, EFL, health, relationships, resolutions, Things to do before you're 30, Travel, Vaginismus)

It hurts to type! Why? I’ve decided that it’s time to take control of what I can and one thing is getting fit. I’ve just come back from my 1st total tone class and, honestly, it hurts to type! I’m going to feel this tomorrow. I’ve no idea how I’m going to get up and down stairs!!! I’m sticking it out though cos I can feel that it’ll be worth it. I’m going to add a pilates class too when they start and Wonder Boy and I made a pact that we’re going to do more “doing” when it comes to body- boarding and less “watching”! The forecast for the weekend is good, so I think we’ll be off to the beach.

Wonder Boy is now a marathon runner – woohoo  🙂  He’s got the bug now and is planning a half marathon in our home town the day before my birthday and another full one in October. I’d really like it if he started doing them in nice places like Paris, New York, Rio, Sydney…………. Then I’d happily travel and support him! We had a lovely break away after it for a few days. It was so nice to relax on white, powdery sand and look out at turquoise water – the beach really is where I’m happiest.

I went back to work yesterday and which was also officially 12 weeks until the BIG DAY and my brain is going a million miles an hour thinking of stuff. I think it’s going to explode!

The dilators are really driving me mad. I’m getting nowhere, so I really have to go back to the doctor and see what’s going on down there! The 2nd one still hurts soooo much. The second I get the tip in, I want to take it out and it takes all my will power to leave it in for 5 minutes. I do it every single day, but it’s not getting easier, not like the 1st one did. I need some external help with it.

I’m also really concentrating on my career and travelling. I reckon another academic year in this school is as much as I can take. I’m planning to start something creative in September, but we all know creativity doesn’t pay the bills, so while I’m doing some courses at night, I’m going to have to stay teaching and get funny stories from my students to keep me going! I’m also thinking of going back to study a Masters the academic year after that, but what to study is the question. I’m a really bad student! I couldn’t wait to get out of college 9 years ago. I’m not very motivated (hence the problems I’m having getting through these resolutions   🙂 )  and I really need someone over me telling me what to do. I’m not really a Masters candidate. However, I do feel that if I was to progress career wise, I need something extra. I’ve been thinking about doing an MA in linguistics for a few years now, so maybe that will be my choice. We’ll wait and see! It would be a massive financial and time commitment and who knows if it would be beneficial or not. And then when can we travel??? And where???? And what would we do with our house???? Rent???? Sell????

These are the questions that go around and around my head at 5am when the sun wakes me up! No wonder I’m half asleep in the classroom!! Now, I’m off to try and tackle those stairs!!! 🙂

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