Adventures Part 23: Been There, Done That, Got the Wristband!

August 4, 2010 at 7:49 pm (camping, Dilators, festivals, health, Making the most of your time, relationships, resolutions, sexual dysfunction, Summer, Things to do before you're 30, Vaginismus)

I recently added going to a music festival and camping to my to-do list and now I can happily say that they’re done! Now, when I say happily, I mean the music and the festival was great……the camping, not so! If I never go camping again, I don’t think I’ll be too disappointed.  🙂

We arrived at the campsite just as it started raining. Wonder Boy did a great job putting up the tent (I did a great job watching him put up the tent!) but we got wet through. We just had the tent up when the rain went away – typical! Luckily it stayed away for the rest of the weekend and we could enjoy the festival. We got everything into the tent and made it nice and comfortable…..blow-up bed and cocoon sleeping bags and then went off to eat and listen to music.

Unfortunately, a few hours later, something I’d eaten did not want to stay in my body anymore and I spent about 5 hours running to the campsite’s portable WCs. It was NOT fun at all and I would not recommend getting food poisoning at a festival.  😦   I slept in all my clothes cos I was shivering so much and really cold. I got about 20 minutes here and there of sleep and I decided that one night camping was enough. We enjoyed the 2nd day of music and I drove home at 2am so that I could sleep in my own bed!!!! I’m a wuss I know, but at least I can say I tried it and it’s not for me!

On the dilator front, things are going well – I think! I was trying to use the 3rd one last week when I thought I had “broken” myself. Wonder Boy had to come upstairs to assure me that everything was fine and that I wasn’t bleeding to death! What had happened was that I was trying a new position, which felt really comfortable, so I pushed the dilator in a little more than previously. Then I heard a pop. There was no pain or anything like that, but I freaked out and froze! Since then I’ve tried it a couple of times, but I’m afraid to push it. The 2nd one is now totally easy to use. I can get the 3rd one in a certain amount and then I hit a wall and I’m afraid to push past it in case I do something bad/painful. I know that that part is probably a mental block, but until I feel comfortable doing it, I don’t think I’ll be able to push it. So, in terms of making progress, I think I can say YES, I’m making some.   🙂

Now, just a little update on the totally frivolous resolution I had of wearing a designer dress for the big day. I’ve found one that would be perfect….well…it looks perfect. I haven’t actually tried it on yet. It looks perfect! It’s a DKNY little black dress. It has a plain black top and a black and grey patterned skirt. I’m going to try it on on Friday afternoon with my Mum, who thinks it’s the perfect dress. She told me yesterday she wants to buy it for me as my present! I really hope it suits!


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