Adventures Part 15: The Silliness That Is Me :-)

June 2, 2010 at 8:28 pm (Girls' nights out, Making the most of your time, relationships, SATC, The City, The Hills, the joy of girlfriends) (, , , )

I’m in quite a giddy mood – it must be the fine weather! That and the fact that I’m going to see SATC 2 tomorrow night and going to see my BF for her 30th birthday on Saturday!!!!!!!! The prospect of so much time with girls doing girly things is making me very excited! I spend so much time either in all male or mostly male company. Even my class has 9 guys and 2 girls!

Besides getting to see SATC 2, we’re also going for dinner. We might even have a cocktail……although it is a school night, I’d better not get ahead of myself! I would normally never do that – especially after teaching for 7 hours. Usually I’d just crawl home and into pjs! All this might sound very good, but I also get to talk about my guilty pleasure: MTV’s The Hills and the City.  There are very few people I can talk to about these shows. Basically cos everyone thinks they’re crap. Point taken, but I don’t care. I ❤  them!

Years of watching SATC gave me a love for NYC, so I was so happy when Whitney decided to go there and do her own show! And The Hills is just so sunny all the time! I have so many questions to be discussed like: When are Brody and Kristin going to stop messing around with other people and just get together properly? When is Audrina going to realise Justin Bobby is the One? When is Stephanie going to stop using spray tans? When is Heidi going to leave Spencer or when is Spencer going to be taken to a mental hospital? (I heard today that she’s leaving him for the summer, so that might be answered!) I could go on and on and I probably will!

Then, on Saturday, I get to spend time with my BF, who I don’t get to see very often and even when I do, Wonder Boy’s usually there too. This time though, because the marathon is 2 days after, I’m abandoning him cos he needs to sleep! Now my BF saw SATC 2 last weekend, but hasn’t discussed any of the details, so no doubt we’ll talk about that for a while, while pretending to be 2 of the characters – might even go and try on some nice shoes!

As a reward for finishing a marathon, to celebrate getting my boyfriend back and to prepare myself for a long summer, I’m taking next week off work to go to a little island with 3 beautiful beaches and not much else. Fingers crossed the weather will stay fine, so we can go horse-riding and maybe surfing – well, body-boarding anyway!

And so, in a Carrie Bradshaw type of question/writing technique I’ll finish by asking:  Are a couple of days of hyper girliness followed by a few days cut off from the world a good way to relax? Hell yah I say!


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